Case Studies

What can Diversified Solutions do for you?

Diversified Solutions Saves Client $2 million

A major Broadband ISP Provider needed Diversified’s audit services to identify billing inaccuracies and identify potential refunds. Diversified secured $120,000 in refunds. Diversified also performed a contract review for the ISP Provider that confirmed contract commitments had been satisfied, allowing the client to renegotiate or migrate service.

After it received the “best and final” offer from the incumbent carrier claiming $240,000 in annual savings, Diversified took over negotiations. Within 30 days Diversified reduced the ISP Provider’s cost by approximately $2 million in annual savings. Diversified also obtained $1.9 million in credits. These credits were transferred from data services to voice services to guarantee a timely recovery. The final step was a new tax strategy. Diversified recommendations saved its client $200,000 per year in local taxes.

Venture Capitalists Save 65% with Diversified Solutions 

A dominant, well known Venture Capital firm believed it was in a shortfall situation, unable to fulfill its commitment to its provider. The firm contracted Diversified Solutions to assist it in discussions with the carrier.

Diversified discovered that it was actually the carrier’s error. The Venture Capital firm was receiving multiple bills, but only one was being applied toward its commitment. Diversified was able to get the previous year’s minimum commitment charges refunded. Diversified also discovered that the firm was not receiving all of its contracted discounts. This resulted in a refund of $49,000. After identifying and correcting the carrier’s errors, Diversified negotiated with a new provider that resulted in 65% savings over the previous carrier. The credits recovered by Diversified from the previous carrier paid for the following year’s lowered telecom budget.

70% Long-term Savings Secured by Diversified Solutions

A manufacturer of Laser Vision Correction Systems engaged Diversified Solutions to review and audit its telecommunication billings. Through the review and audit, Diversified discovered the primary carrier’s 2-year-old contract had not been implemented for all of the customer’s accounts. The carrier had only applied the contracted discounts to a small portion of the bills.

Diversified recovered over 25% of payments already made to the primary carrier during the past year. Diversified then negotiated a new contract that yielded long-term savings of more than 70%. Additional savings were secured by renegotiating the secondary provider contracts. Diversified negotiated an additional 35% savings from the secondary providers and then reduced the company’s Calling Card expense by 35%. Diversified’s industry knowledge enabled it to switch the company’s calling card business to another major carrier and create a remote access solution that increased efficiencies and provided greater security.