At Diversified Solutions, the primary focus of our telecom cost containment and overcharge recovery efforts is twofold: to produce ongoing savings for our clients that would otherwise be unattainable through any other means; and to successfully recover difficult to identify overcharges that are often well hidden in telecom bills. We accomplish all this utilizing our PhasedTEM™  approach while allowing our clients to maintain or increase their overall quality of service.

Our process focuses on driving value in the following categories:


  • Evaluate carrier contracts, historical service and billing issues, and develop a leveraged negotiation strategy
  • Negotiate pricing and terms with appropriate service providers based on contractual obligations, service history, level of needs, leverage points, and the client’s guidelines
  • Provision highly customized contracts which include client-friendly contract clauses and other terms enabling our clients to take advantage of future cost saving opportunities while protecting them from the liability of being held “captive” by standard carrier contracts
  • Provide international price benchmarking, contract negotiation, and circuit and service build-out


  • Eliminate recurring errors and purge inefficiencies
  • Assist clients in managing their telecom vendors and billing
  • Consolidate contracts where appropriate (mergers, acquisitions, lack of centralized telecommunications control)
  • Recommend and implement corporate wireless guidelines and optimization
  • Provide automated management tools and services
  • Improve ongoing carrier-client relationships


  • Analyze and audit all telecom bills to identify errors, inefficiencies, overcharges, and other anomalies
  • Eliminate recurring errors and purge inefficiencies
  • Research and verify errors, instigate the recovery process, and manage the full recovery of overcharges
  • Recover appropriate federal, state, and local excise taxes improperly applied to telecom services

Other value-added services include:

  • Assemble and present comprehensive analysis and recommendation reports
  • Expedite, oversee, and ensure the proper implementation of our recommendations
  • Educate and train client staff on preventative measures and bill management techniques
  • Review post-implementation billing information to verify accuracy
  • Provide international price benchmarking, contract negotiation, and circuit and service build-out

Diversified has invaluable experience and specialized knowledge in working with the major telecom providers which can only be gained through years of routine exposure working at the highest levels in negotiation and overcharge recovery efforts. We understand each telecom provider’s strengths and weaknesses, and more importantly, we know the customized pricing and terms they can actually provide based on client-specific usage and requirements. Since we keep a comprehensive, proprietary database of price points, tariff discounts, and special terms that we have negotiated for our clients, and because we often work directly with executive level management, Diversified is able to quickly cut through the “smoke and mirrors” that most telecom providers prefer to hide behind. Our results are bottom line savings delivered to our clients on an expedited timeline.

Best of all, Diversified’s clients do not have to pay triple-digit hourly consulting fees up front for consulting services that may not result in any savings. There is absolutely no risk to our clients to engage our consulting services because we work under a contingent fee structure based upon overall savings, in other words, bottom-line results. Our clients enjoy the peace of mind of knowing they have a dedicated team of Diversified professionals working on their behalf, and most importantly, that they can expect maximized results while being freed to focus on day-to-day core responsibilities.


Telecom Excise Tax Recovery (TETR) 

Even before the IRS was ordered to stop assessing federal excise tax on time and distance dependent telecom services, Diversified was helping companies file protective claims to eventually recover this illegal tax. After the IRS lost its court battles and announced their (flawed) methods for recovery, we created our own unique methodology that has allowed clients to recover two-to-five times more tax than would have been possible using the IRS-prescribed methods. In fact, our process was eventually praised by the IRS as a more efficient and comprehensive alternative to their previously prescribed methods. Although the statute of limitations for this recovery has now passed, to date we have helped over 300 Fortune 1000 companies recover more than $150 million in refundable telecom excise tax.