Telecom Excise Tax Recovery (TETR)

Tax Interest and Penalty Recovery

Approximately 80% of the time the IRS makes tax adjustments due to audits, amended returns, or appeals, the interest paid or refunded is in error by 25-40%. Diversified’s experts investigate these adjustments to determine interest errors and file the appropriate claim paperwork to recover interest owed.

A tax interest and penalty recovery engagement may be beneficial to your company if:

  • Tax refunds have been received in the past six years
  • Tax deficiencies have been paid in the past two years
  • Form 1120X Amended Income Tax Return has been filed
  • Carryback refunds have been requested
  • Recent mergers or acquisitions
  • Payroll or other penalties have been paid
  • IRS notices received
  • Litigation concerning tax-related interest matters