Areas of Expertise


  • Domestic and International Service Providers and service offerings
  • Local Phone Service
  • Voice Long Distance
  • Data Services (Frame Relay, Private Line, VPN, VOIP, ATM, MPLS, DSL, etc.)
  • Remote Access
  • Web Conferencing
  • Audio & Video Conferencing
  • Internet Connectivity
  • Wireless/Cellular Services
  • Web Hosting & Co-location
  • Automated Management Tools (Wire line & Wireless software)

What We Do…Negotiate, Optimize, and Recover

  • Analyze and audit all telecom bills to identify errors, inefficiencies, overcharges, and other anomalies
  • Research and verify errors, instigate the recovery process, and manage the full recovery of overcharges
  • Eliminate recurring errors and purge inefficiencies
  • Evaluate carrier contracts, historical service and billing issues, and develop a leveraged negotiation strategy
  • Negotiate pricing and terms with appropriate service providers based on contractual obligations, service history, level of needs, leverage points, and the client’s guidelines
  • Provision highly customized contracts which include client-friendly contract clauses and other terms enabling our clients to take advantage of future cost saving opportunities while protecting them from the liability of being held “captive” by standard carrier contracts
  • Assemble and present comprehensive analysis and recommendation reports
  • Expedite, oversee, and ensure the proper implementation of our recommendations
  • Educate and train client staff on preventative measures and bill management techniques
  • Review post-implementation billing information to verify accuracy
  • Assist clients in managing their telecom vendors and billing
  • Provide international price benchmarking, contract negotiation, and circuit and service build-out
  • Consolidate contracts where appropriate (mergers, acquisitions, lack of centralized telecommunications control)
  • Recommend and implement corporate wireless guidelines and optimization
  • Provide automated management tools and services
  • Recover appropriate federal, state, and local excise taxes improperly applied to telecom services
  • Improve ongoing carrier-client relationships

Additional Points About Our Telecom Consulting Services

  • We are NOT a telecom expense management (TEM) company in the current day sense, and we do not seek to solely manage our clients’ telecom invoicing. We encompass an entirely different specialized niche; however the results of our work will typically reduce our clients’ TEM costs.
  • Our clients’ average annualized cost savings is 24%, and we typically secure overcharge refunds equal to 8% of two years’ telecom expenses.
  • As part of our services we can negotiate multi-year contracts with the telecom providers; however, unlike other telecom consultants, our fee percentage is only a portion of the first year’s projected savings.
  • We offer a guaranteed ROI of 135 days, meaning our clients will save an amount equal to our fee within the first four months. If they do not, we refund the difference.
  • Everything we do is driven based on our clients’ criteria and input and our goal is to augment their efforts; we don’t simply come in and make recommendations or implement our own agenda.

Tax Interest and Penalty Recovery